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WCD - Wherever Change Directory

chdir for DOS and Unix, w/C src

Wcd is a command-line program to change directory fast. It saves time typing at the keyboard. One needs to type only a part of a directory name and wcd will jump to it. Wcd has a fast selection method in case of multiple matches and allows aliasing and banning of directories. Wcd also includes a full screen interactive directory tree browser with speed search.

Wcd was modeled after Norton Change Directory (NCD). NCD appeared first in The Norton Utilities, Release 4, for DOS in 1987, published by Peter Norton. NCD was written by Brad Kingsbury.

Examples of wcd usage:
wcd Desk
will change to directory /home/waterlan/Desktop

But also
wcd *top
will do that.

Wcd is free to use and you can get the source code too.

Features of wcd:

  • Full screen interactive directory browser with speed search and zoom in/out.
  • Present the user a list in case of multiple matches.
  • Wildcards *, ? and [SET] supported.
  • Directory stack, push pop.
  • Subdir definition possible. E.g. wcd subdira/subdirb
  • Long directory names support in Win95/98/NT DOS-box
  • Windows LAN UNC paths supported.
  • Change drive and directory at once.
  • Alias directories.
  • Ban directories.
  • Exclude directories.
  • Alternate stack per shell or terminal.
  • Multi user: Jump to folders of your colleagues.
  • Multi platform:
  • Native language support: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese simplified, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finnish, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
  • Unicode Level 3 support (all UCS characters including double width and combining characters).
  • Option to ignore diacritics for Latin-based scripts.
  • WCD is free software, distributed under GNU General Public License.

    Manual wcd.htm or wcd.txt.
    ChangeLog whatsnew.txt.

    Source Code and binaries

    Download from the Sourceforge Wcd project page or my personal homepage.